Shooting with Dennis at his work shop in the Beaver Valley

In October of 2018 I partnered with Sigma Canada to create a short film for their Artisan series of videos. Sigma has a series of Lens Called Art Lenses and the Artisan video series is a project where Filmmakers create a short film about an Artist using the Sigma Art Series Lenses. 

I have known Dennis Lin for a few years and was always curious and fascinated by the type of work that he does. We had talked about doing a video project together in the past but it wasn’t till this came around that it became a reality. 

You can few the story on the Sigma Artisan Website Here, or view the video below. 

Behind the Scenes Photos from the Project

After Working with the Sigma Prime Cinema Lenses I created a review of them on my Youtube Channel called for my “Gear Garage” Series. You can watch that video below here